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Ozone Residence, Bintaro

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Ozone Residence, Bintaro

Project Name: Ozone Residence | Jenis Properti: Semi-Serviced Townhouse | Lokation: Bintaro | Developer: PT Lintas Cipta Development: Address: Jl. YRS 3, Bintaro, Pesanggrahan | Phone: +62 21 735 1781 or +62 21 7179 2846

About Ozone Residence:

This unusually large 3.4 hectare is lined with pocket gardens and footpaths for jogging. There’s plenty of room to relax and breathe here.
Homeowners will appreciate the careful attention to detail and design, as well as the good quality construction that makes the most of the simple materials used. The materials selected are deliberately basic for easy maintenance.

Four leading architects – Andra Matin, Antony Liu, Gregorius Supie, and Ridwan Kamil – worked in synergy to create Ozone. Unlike many developments, Ozone deliberately set out to create a community feel through facilities such as the clubhouse, classes for under-three children, and communal courtyards. (ADV)