Kamis, 04/10/2012

Jababeka Builds D’Khayangan to Spoil Retirees and the Elderly

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Jababeka Builds D’Khayangan to Spoil Retirees and the Elderly

JAKARTA: There has been a new, growing new trend, among the existing developers in the capital, of developing residential areas whose target buyers are retirees or the elderly.

As Agung Podomoro has had launched the construction project of Vimala Hills Villa & Resort, which were intended to accommodate the elderly and retirees over their immediate need of living in environmentally healthy homes with suitable comfort, this year it was PT Kawasan Industri Jababeka Tbk‘s turn to run a project with similar concept named Senior Living at D ‘ Khayangan.

For the realization of the project, Jababeka has taken the Medical City and the JV Longlife Holding of Japan as their working partners. The Medical City is nothing but the outcome of an integrated regional healthy living concept implemented by Jababeka, which provides people with healthcare facilities and services such as those already existing in some modern countries.

According PT KI Jababeka Tbk president director S.D. Darmono, this very project is the result of a thorough innovation based on the need of people living in healthy, comfortable houses. “We do expect that this D’Khayangan residential estate with its complete facilities and comfort services to meet the needs of those retirees and elder people,” he said after, altogether with Longlife president Masakazu Endoh, signing the Memorandum of Understanding between Jababeka and Longlife JV Holding, yesterday.

Furthermore Darmono said D’Khayangan would implement the concept of gerontology and will be maintained by Longlife JV Holding which has the experience in managing senior housing in Japan. “They (Longlife) absolutely understand whatever the needs of the elderly, ranging from physical facilities to all what they should have in doing their daily activities.

This residential construction project of home for the retired would be well based on the integrated development concept, and one-stop-services where the elderly may receive care and health facilities for 24 hours,” he said. As the construction project has started mid this year and is planned to be completed entirely in 2014., by building 210 homes for the elderly and 102 senior village during the first phase and its complete facilities on an eight-hectare plot of land (in the opening stage) at Jababeka industrial area in Cikarang, West Java, will grow to 24 hectares accordingly to whatever it takes in the near future. (YOG)