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Arpin Wiradisastra: “The Development of SCBD Follows Market Demand”
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Arpin Wiradisastra: “The Development of SCBD Follows Market Demand”

ALTHOUGH ITS WORK development has completed one and a half decade ago, Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) is still continue building and developing up to date. Several property projects are being developed and several others will soon be built at Jakarta’s most prestigious area. In order to have a better knowledge about the building and development plan of SCBD, Deddy H. Pakpahan interviewed Arpin Wiradisastra, the President Director of PT Danayasa Arthatama Tbk (Artha Graha Network), the developer and the operator of SCDB. Following are excerpts of the interview:

It seems that the competition between the developers at the Jakarta’s ‘golden triangle’ superblocks has becoming more intense. What is your view on this matter and where do you think the position of SCBD in the maps of the Jakarta’s CBD?

So far for me the competition has been healthy and fair. It is normal to have competition in business. It often prompted us to strive more in creating new and innovative property products which can fulfill all aspects of our market expectations. From the begining of its development, our aim is to always strive in answering the property market challenges and demands.

Our assets are not only land and prestigious location. We also produced master plans of infrastructure networks with state-of-the-art technologies that refer to Urban Design Guideline which regulates the location and the purposes of each individual buildings. In the end, the location of all the buildings within SCBD are well-organized, not merely from the quality aspect but also from the esthetic aspect. Currently, the process is underway to develop SCBD into a green area, we are ensuring that all buildings at SCBD fulfill the “green building” requirements.

In regards of Urban Design Guideline, SCBD was awarded as the devoloper with the most consistent with the original master plan by the Indonesia Property Award in 2006. This shows even in the mist of instability in the market, SCBD has managed to maintain its existence as a leading center of business activity in Jakarta. In my view, whatever forms of competition in the market is not an issue because we always aim to develope according to the whole property market demands, both in national and international scales.

Concerning the building and development of SCBD, how many percent has the area been occupied?

Of the total 45 hectares land, SCBD projects have occupied almost half of it. The large structures that are already in operation consist of Artha Graha Building, Indonesian Stock Exchange Building, One Pacific Place, The Ritz-Carlton hotel, SCBD Suites Apartment and The Capital Residence Apartment. At the moment, we have just completed the construction work of an office park at Lot-18 called 18 Park.

Moreover, there are several on going development projects in SCBD which are still under preliminary stages. Recently, together with PT Bukit Uluwatu Village Tbk we are building the Alila Suites at Lot-11 behind Bapindo Building. The suites will have 250 rooms and it will be under a 25-year BOT scheme. In order to build and to develop SCDB into a world-class superblock, we uphold the principles of prudence. This means that not all investors with high net worth capital can automatically cooperate with us. The most important thing for us is to have a common vision and mission.

Danayasa Arthatama is said to resume to build the Signature Tower Jakarta, which was halted quite a long time ago due to 1998 Asian crisis. Could you elaborate more on this?

At this moment, the property market is picking up and we believe that this situation will continue for the next several years. We seize this opportunity as the right time for us to realize the Signature Tower project and fulfill SCBD’s aim to be one of the world-class superblocks. What is certain at this time is that it will consist of 111 floors, 8 floors for a shopping mall and a convention hall, 70 floors for offices, 21 floors for a hotel, and 2 floors for observatory decks. According to the master plan, Signature Tower will have a total of 352.807 square meters.

For Signature Tower, we apply high standards with efficient and functional architectural designs so we can optimize the utilization of its land and building space. Signature Tower Jakarta will also be a green building where some part of the building will used recycle materials that have undergone processes which meet our required safety standards.

So after putting up buildings on all lots at SCDB, where will Danayasa Arthatama expand its business to?

Well, SCDB is a unique superblock. As a land owner and developer we are also managing the building in the complex. We will continue to maintain it, unlike other superblock developers who hand over their property estates to the estate property management company to operate it. After completing SCBD projects we will remain to be its operator and holding 40% of each and every property asset in the area. Concerning the expansion of our business, as a developer we surely have made plans for it, but I cannot disclose them at this moment.

Danayasa was also involved in the pre-study project on Sunda Strait Bridge that will link Java to Sumatra. Could you explain more on this? Since 2007, through Artha Graha Network, we have been involved in the planning of the Sunda Strait Bridge. As for the preliminary project, the total amount spent by Artha Graha Network has been quite significant, this shows its care for the development of Indonesia. We innitiate thie project is because, in our view, the Java-Sumatra needs to be linked and built soon. This is not simply a matter of building a bridge, but we expect this bridge will later give a positive impacts judging from different aspects – social, cultural, national and security, political, economic, geographical and so on.

Tomy Winata, the owner of Artha Graha Network, has spent US$49 million just on the preliminary project. He said that it does not matter if the govenment did not involve in the Artha Graha project to build the Sunda Strait Bridge provided that the project would be headed by national companies. Your comment?

I think this is typical of Mr. TW (Tomy Winata). He is great-hearted. Right from the beginning, he thought about Artha Graha Network as a company that will give support in the form of ideas, funding and physical support for the development of Indonesia as a nation and state. He has proved it through the way of how Artha Graha Network carrying out its businesses and re-investing all of its earnings for Indonesia. For us, it does not really matter if the government will not involve our company (Bangungraha Sejahtera Mulia), which is part of Artha Graha Network, to build the Java-Sumatra bridge.

As explained by Mr. Tomy Winata, we will not make an issue on the funding that we had made for the preliminary project provided that the bridge will be built by the best Indonesian talents, for the Indonesian people and it will be the masterpiece of the Indonesian nation. (DHP)